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Our mission is to develop tools that will support the integration of performance-based learning and assessment into policy and practice. We are using these curriculum, assessment, and design tools to build capacity among educators, administrators, and policymakers in creating meaningful learning experiences for all students, especially for those traditionally underserved in science classrooms.


SCALE has created NGSS-designed/aligned, project-based curricula with embedded performance assessments. All of the curricula shared here are free and can be downloaded for classroom use.

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Professional Development

SCALE supports educators in using our materials through a variety of professional learning experiences. Visit the links below to learn about the in-person workshops designed to support teachers in using SCALE's curriculum and assessments or in designing their own. You can also find information about a series of free hybrid online courses on developing and using 3D performance assessments from the Stanford NGSS Assessment Project.

In-person Professional Development

Online courses from the Stanford NGSS Assessment Project


SCALE has created tools to guide educators, administrators, curriculum developers and policymakers in the development and use of systems of assessment for NGSS that include performance assessments. Visit this page to find assessments, development frameworks, and more.

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SNAP has just launched its 4th course in a series of free hybrid online courses. Summer is a great time to start this collaborative learning with your colleagues!

Course 4 intro

This course is about developing and using educative rubrics that help teachers integrate performance assessments seamlessly into their instructional practice. Participants learn SNAP's process for developing multidimensional rubrics and for using the rubrics to guide instructional decisions, feedback to students, and to create a classroom culture that gives students agency over their NGSS learning. During this course, we discuss strategies for, when necessary, using the rubrics to assign grades while still using the assessment for learning.

Please go here to register and learn more about our courses!


Free online courses from SNAP

SNAP has two FREE online course available and Courses 3 & 4 are coming soon! For more info about SNAP courses, please visit

Curriculum Update

Stanford NGSS curriculum is completely updated and free for download. Find the units on our Curriculum section.

Recent Publication

"The New NGSS Classroom: A Curriculum Framework to Shift Instruction and Learning" is available now. Click here:


Getting All Students to Participate

San Francisco Unified and SCALE have partnered to provide students with groupwork methods and curricular structures for more equitable outcomes.

A Research-Backed Science Curriculum

SCALE Science partners with San Francisco Unified School District to show that learning collaboratively through projects yields results for middle school students.

Teacher about SCALE Science Ed Curriculum:

I think this week has made me more equipped to not only use PBL but also NGSS in my classroom.

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