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SNAP has developed three types of assessments to model each component of our system of assessments.

The assessments are developed for NGSS Performance Expectations (PEs) in Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, Life Science, and Engineering

Follow the links below to view samples of our three types of assessments. We will be releasing more assessments as they are developed and we frequently update these assessments as we revise and refine them.

The resources that you find on this website are available to all. If you are unable to access any resource on the SNAP website, it is likely due to a firewall at your site. If you are blocked from opening a file, try opening it from another network.

Gravity items

Short-Response Items

Selected-response and constructed-response items designed to be used independently or in clusters

  • Probe the concepts and practices that are central to the PE
  • Model two-dimensional assessment
  • Model assessments that are grounded in phenomena

Short Performance Assessments (SPAs)

Short Performance Assessments (SPAs) designed to take ~30 minutes

  • To be taken individually at the end of a lesson sequence that addresses the NGSS Performance Expectation (PE).
  • Provide information about students' progress with integrating the three dimensions of a single PE.

Instructionally-Embedded Assessments (IEAs)

Instructionally-Embedded Assessments (IEAs) designed to take 3-5 days

  • Performance assessments that are woven into an instructional sequence. 
  • Assess the three dimensions of a core performance expectation (PE), in addition to other dimensions, and in some cases other PEs.