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Find resources from other projects that support NGSS assessment development and implementation.

There are many groups developing resources that are helpful for developing and implementing performance assessments for NGSS. Follow the links below to explore curricula and other tools.

Performance Assessment Resource Bank

Find sample tasks (these pre-date NGSS but they are still useful for ideas), resources on rubric design, using student portfolios, protocols for scoring, guidance on incorporating research on learning, and much more. Many of these resources are not specific to science, but can be adapted easily.

Twig Science

Twig created a K-6 integrated NGSS curriculum with short and extended performance assessments interwoven throughout the curriculum (assessments were developed by SCALE). The curriculum was officially approved for adoption in California.

Achieve NGSS Assessment Review Tools

After coordinating the state-led development of the NGSS, Achieve has developed numerous valuable materials to support implementation of the standards from the state to the classroom level. Find just a few of their resources here.

STEM Teaching Tools

STEM teaching tools has numerous resources for science classrooms. Here are some particularly relevant ones for developing and using performance assessments.

Next Generation Science Assessment

The Next Generation Science Assessment Project has embedded simulations, videos, and images to engage students in multidimensional computer-based tasks for middle school physical and life science PEs.

Other online courses

Found our courses helpful? Dig deeper on relevant topics with courses from some of our colleagues. Find courses that provide strategies for cultivating a classroom culture that supports and prepares students in engaging with complex problems through discourse, collaboration and student-initiated learning. Check their websites to find information about when the courses will run next.