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Professional Development

At SCALE Science, we focus on building educator capacity by providing professional development aligned to our research-based framework of curriculum and assessment. We work with districts and projects around the globe to create engaging, rigorous, and timely support to meet the particular needs of your teachers, teacher-leaders, and students.  We conduct both small and large-scale opportunities that range from one day to two weeks.  

Professional Development Opportunities


We provide a framework, including instructional supports, for an NGSS-designed/aligned, project-based curriculum with embedded performance assessments. Below are two options for professional development around curriculum:

  • Provide teachers with middle school curriculum designed by SCALE, as well as instructional support to help them adapt and implement the curriculum.
  • Guide teachers through the process of creating their own curriculum for any grade within SCALE’s framework.


We provide a framework, including methods and tools, for using and developing short performance assessments and instructionally-embedded assessments that are NGSS-designed/aligned. Below are two options for professional development around assessment:

  • Aid teachers in performance assessment literacy, implementation, scoring, and feedback strategies.
  • Help teachers co-construct their own performance assessments, using SCALE’s framework.

For more information on curriculum and assessment, visit our assessment and curriculum tabs. 

If you are interested in SCALE-facilitated professional development, download our flyer, and please contact us.