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SNAP Report: A model system of assessment of NGSS for California

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A model system of assessment of NGSS for California

The model system of assessments was designed to satisfy multiple goals: 

  • to support the vision of teaching and learning with NGSS laid out in the K-12 Science Framework;
  • to facilitate the teaching and learning of science at all levels in K-12;
  • to address all three dimensions of the performance expectations of NGSS;
  • to provide data on performance at the student, class, school, district and state level; and
  • to fulfill federally mandated requirements while prioritizing the preceding goals.

Overview of the model system of assessment


Part I. Federally-Mandated tests   Part II. Periodic classroom assessments
  Component A: Multi-item types Component B: Short Performance Assessments (SPA) Component C: Stand-alone Short Performance Assessments (SPA) Component D: Instructionally-Embedded Performance Assessments (IEA)
Test Year Grades 5,8,11 Grades 5,8,11 Every year (optional) Offered for each year, required some years
Format Variety of short item types, incl. selected response Two short performance assessments (20-30 minutes), matrix assigned Short performance assessments (20-30 minutes) Long (3-5 day) performance assessment
Development & Distribution State developed State developed State or district developed Task bank, state curated and quality controlled (eventually includes consortium/district developed tasks), teachers select from three options
Scoring & Reporting Computer scored Scored by trained group of teachers Teacher scored, use of tasks is reported, scores not reported to state but may be used in districts Teacher scored, scores & use of tasks may be reported

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