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SNAP Reports

How can we assess three-dimensional standards?

The NGSS require a new approach to assessment. Compare, for example, the two assessments below. The one on the left assesses a middle school natural hazards standard from NAEP (ID: 1994-8G6 #4 G017602). The one on the right is designed to assess the most comparable NGSS Middle School PE MS-ESS3-2: Analyze and interpret data on natural hazards to forecast future catastrophic events and inform the development of technologies to mitigate their effects.

How could assessments be used to communicate the vision of science learning underpinning the NGSS to teachers, students, and other stakeholders? How could assessments be used to support the implementation of this vision?

SNAP conducted two projects to lay the groundwork for assessment development for NGSS:

  • Designing a model coherent system of assessment for NGSS, and

  • Conducting an analysis of the landscape of existing assessments


Follow the links below to read summaries of both projects and to get the full reports.