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Photo by EDUimages (CC BY-NC 4.0)

We organize and host workshops to guide educators interested in designing the assessments together. Below is a short description of a design studio focusing on improving a draft performance assessment. Please contact the SNAP project team at if you are interested in direct support.

SNAP Science Performance Assessment Design Studio

Design Studio Goals:

  • Engage in a rigorous analysis and revision of a performance task and scoring guide using evidence from pilot student data.
  • Support design teams in adapting this process for use in states, districts, and schools.
  • Building a community of science assessment professionals to support each other in building high-quality NGSS performance assessments.

Possibilities for draft tasks:

  • a performance assessment that you designed and plan to revise and use in your school or district
  • a performance assessment that you found and you would like to revise to make sure it supports NGSS learning
  • One of SNAP performance assessments that you would like to revise and modify for use in your school

We will have the opportunity to learn from each other, from experts at Stanford,  Achieve, and many others. We will poll participants to determine what types of expertise you would find most beneficial as you refine your assessment and your procedures for development, scoring, and classroom implementation.