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Presentations and Papers

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Using SNAP's free hybrid online courses to support NGSS implementation

AERA 2019

Supporting Coherence Across a System of Assessment for NGSS

NARST 2019

Reconceptualizing Alignment for NGSS Assessments

NARST 2018

Analysis of student responses to multiple-choice and performance assessments to identify construct validity issues raised by NGSS assessments

CSTA 2017

Jonathan Osborne's keynote presentation for the California Science Teacher's Association: "Assessing Next Generation Science."

NARST 2017

Developing Assessments for Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information: Implications for Future Assessment Development.

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) 2017 NGSS@NSTA Forum

How do you know if an assessment is measuring three-dimensional reasoning?

NARST 2016 Symposium

Developing a System of Assessment for Implementing NGSS in One State

Paper 1: The Challenges posed by the Demands of NGSS and possible solutions

Paper 2: What Assessments Exist and How Well do they meet the needs of NGSS

Paper 3: The Promise and Challenge of Eliciting and Measuring Evidence of Three-Dimensional Learning

Paper 4: Assessing Scientific Practices: Issues and Challenges drawn from the example of Argumentation.

An engineering teacher helps a ninth grader with a project.